Sildenafil Citrate, famously known as Viagra, is a medication utilized in the treatment of ineptitude in men. Weakness, or erectile brokenness, is a condition wherein a man can’t create and keep up an erection. Viagra is principally used to treat this failure.

Viagra is accessible as pills which are should have been taken before sex. The medication, when taken 30 minutes to four hours before the sex, expands the blood stream and encourages you create and keep up an erection all through your sex. It is accessible in three doses – 25, 50, and 100 mg.

Viagra ought not be taken without counseling your doctor or having an intensive comprehension of your body condition. Specialists prescribe maintaining a strategic distance from Viagra on the off chance that you have had respiratory failure, stroke, history of cardiovascular breakdown, leukemia, liver issues, renal issues, stomach ulcer, and draining issue. Individuals with such issues can create genuine conditions when they take Viagra. Now and then it could even prompt lethal issues like coronary episode, stroke, very hypertension, and unexpected passing.

Youths healthy condition are not liable to have any issues with Viagra, however on the off chance that you are in your sixties, at that point it is carefully recommended to counsel your doctor to know whether you can take Viagra, and provided that this is true, how much. It ought not be taken more than once in a day under any conditions.

Viagra is typically implied for men. Nonetheless, it’s been classified under FDA pregnancy classification B, which implies it won’t have any reactions on an unborn infant.

Viagra is in some cases known to cause some reactions which are normally extremely moderate. Such cases have been accounted for just due to over dose. A portion of the symptoms are cerebral pain, wheezing, obscured vision, and flushing of the face. Notwithstanding, these symptoms keep going for a couple of hours. Now and again, men are accounted for to have had drawn out erections, which is a condition due to over measurements or past medical issues. Be that as it may, an erection ought not keep going for over four hours under any case and provided that this is true, you ought to counsel your doctor right away.

Viagra can be bought in pharmaceuticals and through the web. Since its fame is taking off among individuals, a great deal of organizations have set it in their online market. Many individuals like to get it on the web, since it’s simple and you can do so sitting inside the limits of your home.